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Bespoke Car Covers

Our indoor Bespoke Car Covers are handmade a factory Modena Italy based on your Brand, Model, Year of your car. Our indoor bespoke car covers are with or with out mirror pockets and come in 8 different standard colours with matching or contrasting piping. Our bespoke covers are made with a patented fabric and its Ferrari and Lamborghini OEM original fabrics. 

Our patented Indoor bespoke car cover material is super soft and 

durable. An ultimate protection for your cars bodywork with zero abrasion. Unique thread in combination with our fabric adding anti static & breathable features insures a custom fit and ultimate protection for your vehicle in every indoor environment. 

 Easy-to-use and washable with domestic washing machine (non-aggressive detergent). Our indoor bespoke car covers will keep your car in pristine condition, preserving the value in your pride and joy. Customisable with transferred printed logo.

Our bespoke indoor car covers are delivered in exclusive personalised bag.

Select the preferred canvas colour. These are only example images since your bespoke indoor cover will be hand made based on your Brand, Model and Year of your vehicle. 


We take great pride in offering automotive covers that are crafted with exceptional fabrics, setting a new standard in quality and performance. Our fabrics are not only manufactured in Italy, but they also hold exclusive patents, ensuring you receive a truly unique and superior product.


Piping is an essential feature that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of automotive covers. At Automotive Prestige, we understand the importance of this detail, and we strive to provide you with the best quality products.

Mirror pockets

When it comes to automotive covers, having mirror pockets is a game-changer. At Automotive Prestige, we understand the importance of a precise fit, which is why our covers feature custom-designed mirror pockets.


Logos on automotive covers serve multiple purposes, going beyond a mere branding element. At Automotive Prestige, we recognize the importance of logos and their role in enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of our covers.

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